Jul 11, 2018

Life Lately: An Update On Life

You know that feeling when you're inspired and you don't want that feeling to go away because it feels great?

Hello, again! I'm sorry I haven't updated in 4 months. You know me. I wish I could say that something huge happened but no, nothing much happened... Okay, I take it back. Actually, a lot has happened. Life changing moments; Beach trip. Another year to live. More life realizations. Another chapter in life has started. Doors closing, windows opening. Friends leaving. Beginning of new friendships. Friendships rekindled. New music preferences...
One of the reasons I didn't update is because my laptop charger broke. I bought a new one, but not the original. I couldn't afford a 5k worth of charger :( So I opted for the PHP850 one. Well, since it's not original, as expected, it somehow affected the speaker of my laptop. And soon probably will affect the battery so I rarely use my laptop now until I get a job and buy an original charger.

About not having a job yet, well, I only started job hunting this month. Yes, I know, I should've started a long time ago but I was scared. It's hard to explain but long story short, music inspired me to go start the job hunting. So here I am, a few days after doing it, still waiting for that call. Still praying that someone will call because I really need a job. I want to get into more of what happened the past few weeks regarding this topic but I think I will write that in another blog post. I'm just here to update you that yes, I'm still alive. Haha!

Besides updating, I'm writing this because of this new music group I'm supporting. I was introduced to them a day after my birthday. Ever since then, I've been happier than how I was before it happened. I still get those sad moments but now they're tolerable because of them and their music. 
This is SEVENTEEN, the K-Pop group that caught my heart instantly. For me, they're not just an idol group. I'm honestly glad that they're the first K-Pop idol group that I supported. No regrets. I fell in love with them and their music immediately. So here's the story about how I got to support this group. Last April, my best friend, Ica, came over to celebrate my birthday with me. We were in the living room and she asked me if she could watch Youtube videos on our TV. Of course, I said yes. She's been a K-Pop fan since forever so I knew that she was gonna watch her idols on Youtube. Back then, she was a new fan of SVT, too. Our college friend introduced her to them. And since Ica's been asking me to listen to K-Pop music before, she asked me again to watch SVT's videos with her. We watched their videos from variety shows to music videos but there's this mv that got me hooked. It was because of the music, I guess. The title of the song is Don't Wanna Cry. (Check it out!) And the rest is history. I'm not really good at explaining or what but I hope you get what I'm trying to say. LOL Since Justin has been MIA for almost a year now, I think I missed fangirling. I missed the excitement it gives me, the sleepless nights of waiting for comeback updates, listening/watching live streams of performances/concerts, STAN TWT YAS, making new friends on Twitter, reading fics ;)

You know that feeling when you're inspired and you don't want that feeling to go away because it feels great? That's how I feel right now. Actually, they're the ones who inspired me to finally start job hunting. I was jealous of all the other fans buying merch and going to their concert and I wanted that, too. I wanted to see them in person. I wanted to personally thank them for being my ray of light in the dark moments of my life. But of course, that's a long shot. Maybe someday, I will be able to do that. I've only been a fan for over 3 months now, but I will never ever forget them and their music and how they helped me get through tough times. :) Special shoutout to my best friend, Ica, for introducing me to them! 

So yeah, I guess that's it. I'm gonna write another blog post about the other stuff that happened. I just wanted to update you about this since I haven't been posting about my music preferences. :)

Much love,

Mar 4, 2018


My family and I spent the Chinese New Year long weekend in Baguio. We left on Friday, February 16 late in the morning and arrived at dinner time. We stayed at a transient house in Brgy. Filam Rd. I forgot to take pictures of the house inside, sorry.

Looks cozy, noh? It was!
When we arrived, the owner of the transient house brought us to Gastro Park which is near the house, for us to eat dinner. Then we just spent the night resting and admiring the view from the back of the house. It was 17 degrees that night. Quite cold but I liked it.

There was also a dog in the compound. She was so cute but I didn't take a picture of her. When we were in there I didn't bring my phone with me all the time because I wanted to spend time with my family and admire the place and the view.

Then the day after, we went touring around. We only went to 4 tourist spots because we didn't have much time. We went to the Baguio Museum, Strawberry Farm, The Mansion and Burnham Park. I wanted to go to The Diplomat Hotel and more tourist spots, but like I said we didn't have much time left. The traffic was heavy because of the holiday. We spent a lot of time in the traffic.

The strawberry-flavored ice cream we bought at the Strawberry Farm was so delicious. It tasted like real strawberries, probably because it was made of real strawberries.

Ang hirap magpa-picture. Sobrang daming photobombers. Haha kaya puro selfies na lang kami

Last selfie before going home.

When we got home after the touring, we just ate dinner and then rested. After a few hours, we went back out to the night market. I also wanted to go there but I didn't buy anything. Ang daming tao, di rin ako masyado nakapili ng bibilhin. But all in all, the trip was okay. Except when I got allergies on our way home. I spent most of our byahe sleeping because I took an antihistamine. When we arrived home, I still felt groggy so I just ate dinner and slept.

I really do hope I can go back next time. I want to go to the other places we weren't able to visit.

Much love,

Feb 25, 2018


Hi, so I've decided to get back on blogging. Like post some more topics not just my travels or what inspires me. Yesterday, I got inspired to write again. I was listening to Moira Dela Torre's new album, Malaya, and there's just something in her voice and songs that made me want to get back to writing again. I've missed it. I actually decided to not go with my family to a beach on Batangas because I wanted to finish my chores and my work. Because lately I've been so lazy to do those things and when I started listening to Moira, it just inspired me to just get on with it!

So I opened my Pinterest app, looked for topics to talk about and saw this list about what to write in your lifestyle blog. I picked this topic because I wanted to share with you in case there are people who read my blog. LOL and also to my family who doesn't know these facts about me pls take notes hehe charot

Here's 10 facts that only a few people in my life know about me:
  1. I don't drink coffee. Not because I don't want to, believe me I want it so bad, but every time I try to, I get massive headaches. And no, i'm not allergic. It's the reaction you get when you don't regularly drink coffee and then you suddenly try to (I googled).
  2. I prefer rice more than bread. Don't get me wrong, I love bread, too but only when I'm in the mood to eat it. I just love rice more than life. Chos but I mean, who doesn't??? come fight me 
  3. I'm a light sleeper. My parents and my sister don't believe this fact when I tell them because whenever I sleep at home, I fall asleep immediately. I mean, cmon, of course I would, it's home. It's quiet and comfortable. But whenever I sleep over at another house, I find it hard to sleep. Especially when it's noisy. I also wake up in the middle of the night because i'm uncomfortable.
  4. I have a short attention span. I can't concentrate on one thing if I get distracted. For example, when i'm reading and then suddenly I hear the television or music, I would get distracted and won't be able to concentrate anymore. 
  5. I prefer to work alone. Yes, I need help sometimes when I don't know something in what i'm working on, but I really prefer to work alone. For instance, when i'm writing a new blog post, I don't want anyone lurking behind me and reading what i'm writing. LMAO I know they're gonna read it anyways, but you know what I mean? yeah
  6. I can be a little OCD sometimes. I just like things to be organized, you know? Whenever I see some clutter on my desk, I immediately fix it. Ok, not all the time but most of the times. I hate it when my stuff gets messy. Especially when other people borrow it and then they don't put it back where they picked it from. Like UUGGGHHHH I hate that. pls stop doing that thanks
  7. I get irritated easily. Mostly because of the hot weather in my country. Mabilis kasi ako pagpawisan. So, whenever I sweat, maiirita na ako. ALL THE DAMN TIME. I hate it when I sweat most specially when i'm wearing make-up. (P.S. I'm sorry sa lahat ng nasungitan ko because of this attitude)
  8. I love sweaters/hoodies/long sleeves. But I can't wear them because like I said, HOT WEATHER and well, fact no. 7.
  9. I hate it when the smell of the food sticks to my hair or clothes. I guess this is one of my pet peeves. Whenever I eat out or cook food, the smell of the food would stick to my hair or my clothes and I. FREAKING. HATE. IT when that happens. 
  10. I think ahead of time. At least most of the time. Whenever I would travel, I would list all of the things I'd need and then pack my things a few days before I leave. Or if I plan on going out the next day, I would decide what to wear the day before.

That's it for now. I'm sure there's still a lot I didn't put on the list but they were the facts that only a few people know about me as far as I remember. So if you already know some of this, feel special lol jk

I hope you enjoyed reading these facts as much as I enjoyed writing and sharing them with you!

Much love,
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